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About Us

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Procare Health is a Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory with an international vocation dedicated entirely to the study, research, creation and distribution of natural and scientifically proven solutions for the health and well-being of women.

Since our start in 2012, and with 100% private capital, we have remained faithful to our vision and our mission of investigating all those aspects of women’s health that science has not responded to until now

But we know that today’s women want more respectful treatments and, therefore, we intend to continue innovating with more natural and, above all, more effective products that respond to the new demands for women’s health


Passion for women

Our passion for women’s health, and our conviction that there are more natural, more sustainable alternatives, have led us to develop a portfolio of top quality therapeutic products that covers all their physiological stages of life: from reproductive health to advanced menopause. Among all of them, we respond to common problems such as infertility, vaginal infections, cervical lesions caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), lack of libido and vitality or osteoarticular problems.

Papilocare®, Ovosicare®, Libicare® Meno, Palomacare®, Idracare®, Ironcare® Forte, Dolocare® Flex, D-Care® and Pronolis® HD are some of our products to effectively treat all these needs. And, in less than 10 years of history, they already have penetration in more than 75 countries.

This is our DNA

1. Women’s health

2. Bio-optimized ingredients of natural origin

3. Cientific rigor

4. Commitment to research and sustainability and

5. International vision. This is our DNA..


Women's health and well-being

This is our objective and our mission: to do our part in the decisive improvement of the quality of life of all women and in all their vital stages, from the beginning of their fertile stage until after the menopausal stage.

And we do it out of admiration, respect and devotion to women. Because we want to accompany and take care of her in the most important moments of her life, helping to optimize her health and well-being and thus ensure that she lives in a fuller, freer and more empowered way at all times


Bio-optimized ingredients of natural origin

We believe that the science of the 21st century is one that is capable of combining efficacy, ingredients and active principles of natural origin and sustainability. That is why we rely on alternatives with scientific endorsement, more respectful and based on the great therapeutic power of plants, medicinal herbs and fungi, among others


Scientific rigor and commitment to research

We are scientists by definition and we constantly seek to improve our products, but also to study their effects. For this reason, we allocate up to 25% of our budget to R&D, we agree to collaborations with different companies and international medical and pharmaceutical institutions and we carry out clinical research studies with our final products that allow us to know their effectiveness and real safety.

In less than ten years, we have conducted more than 20 clinical trials and observational studies, 100 posters or oral communications, and more than 80 abstracts with in vitro and ex vivo studies. In addition, we have had the honor of publishing some of them in such prestigious medical journals as the Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, Advances in Therapy, BioMed Central or Women’s Health, among others


Commitment to sustainability

Aware of the impact of our activity, we want to fight against climate change and be an active part of the solution, directing all our processes towards a more sustainable production model that is respectful of people’s health and that of the planet.

Among our sustainable practices, the use of locally sourced ingredients for the manufacture of our products, the commitment to promoting national work or the use of less polluting energy stand out. Proof of this is that, in the last year, our fleet of commercial cars has been renewed by new, more efficient and low-emission models


International vision

Since our start almost a decade ago, our women’s health products have reached both the national and international markets, achieving a presence in more than 75 countries and recently also entering the Chinese market.

Because we want all women, wherever they live, to have at their disposal a wide range of innovative, natural and effective products that improve their quality of life. You can learn more about the countries in which we have a presence by clicking on the map

Yann Gaslain

CEO Procare Health

Yann Gaslain, the CEO of Procare Health who has made it possible. Gaslain was one of the ten entrepreneurs to achieve the deserved international distinction “10 Most Successful Entrepreneurs Revamping the Pharmaceutical Industry Worldwide” of 2021

We would not be here if almost ten years ago Yann Gaslain had not put all his effort and talent at the disposal of a simple, but very ambitious and necessary idea: to improve the quality of life of women. Wherever they live.

Nine years after the start of this adventure, the CEO of Procare Health is a true example of leadership, business vision and professional success that has managed to make our young company a true benchmark in the national and international sector: with only three years of experience, the company opened  subsidiaries in France and Portugal, and distribute in more than 50 countries around the world. Now it has collaborations with large international institutions such as Harvard University; he has published his studies in prestigious medical journals; It has managed to formulate pioneering treatments against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) lesions and has even made the leap to the Chinese market, among many other achievements

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